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 Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Local Municipality

The Mayor
Vincent Phalaborwa Malatsi is the former Council Speaker, now the Executive Mayor of Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme municipality. Born in 1971, in Daggakraal number 2, Councillor Phalaborwa Vincent Malatsi exudes the leadership style that can only be described as authentically strong and confident.
​Malatsi started his early education at Thembeni Primary School, and proceeded on to Seme Secondary School. He started his tertiary education at Elijah College of Education where he obtained his Secondary Teachers Diploma (STD). Few years after that he registered with the University of South Africa (UNISA) and obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA).
His passion for knowledge also saw him registering for a Further Education Diploma in Management with the University of Pretoria.  He boasts 15 years of experience in education under his belt. He started politics at the tender age of 17 and admits that politics forced him into an early adulthood.  Malatsi is no stranger to politics, he was once a Chairperson of ANC Youth League.
Taking ownership and challenging conventional thinking constitute the foundation of Malatsi’s leadership success.  This style is manifested when he invariably takes responsibility for decisions and faces up to any form of challenge or difficulty. It is also underpinned by qualities such as his ability to draw sound and logical conclusions from complex issues, his ability to identify order within chaos, and his ability to inspire others to grow beyond their current levels of capability.
Malatsi is a man of few words, yet he has incredible vision and is a strong leader.  He prides himself on building his already broad knowledge, and he reads extensively.  He is passionate about learning and is constantly driven by the old adage that you can never know enough.  His work principles derives from his passion for learning and for addressing challenges head on.  He is a staunch Mandela follower, he also like reading Socrates’s novels.  He strives to constantly create and seize opportunities to ensure that people feel inspired and stimulated.  His unrelenting commitment to overcoming problems, means that he is personally able to handle more challenges than most people.  He is also astute at reading other people’s characters, and has been able to align himself with councillors and officials with whom relationships of trust and good faith thrive.

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