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 Corporate Services

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7/3/2015 10:58 AM

 Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Local Municipality

Director Corporate
About the Directorate: Corporate Services

Corporate Services Department consists of (4) distinct functionaries namely: Administration & Secretariat Unit, Legal Services Unit, Information Technology unit and Human Resources Management.  Corporate Services is a department that seeks to contribute to the attainment of our Municipal Strategic objectives by overseeing the implementation and management of support functions, which collectively advance the developmental agenda that will improve service delivery and promote both compliance and good Corporate Governance.

1. Corporate Administration and Secretarial
As the administrative arm of the municipality, this section renders an administrative support service to Council and its political structures.  The political structures relates to the Executive Mayor, Council Speaker, Chief Whip and the Mayoral Committee.  Other structures are section 79 and 80 committees.  The administrative support service entails the preparation of Council agendas and minutes as well as liaison between Council and the various departments to facilitate the implementation of political decisions.

2. Records
The records division is entrusted with the core responsibility of managing the municipality’s official records by means of archiving the records, disposing certain of those records and the transfer of records to the archives.  This division also manages internal access to records and serves as a centre for the receipt, distribution and dispatch of correspondence to and from the public as well as to Councillors. This division also receives official correspondence from the public, which is distributed to the various departments for attention.

3. Legal Section
This section is responsible for facilitating legal support services to Council and its structures, with the assistance of external legal advisors.  This section is also responsible for the development and promulgation of by-laws and policies that guide the institution. The section also manages various contracts within departments in the municipality and external stakeholders.

4. Information Technology
The information Technology section is responsible for the rendering of (Information Technology) IT support of all departments of the municipality.  It ensures that the relevant systems and procedures   are in place as required by legislation.  Information Services include but not limited to:data processing, database management, LAN/WAN network infrastructure , software/applications, hardware, telecommunications and Website administratrion.

5. Human Resources
Human Resources Management is a critical unit as it is responsible for recruitment, selection and appointment of appropriate personnel. Human Resources seeks to cultivate the workplace standards and set a good example in keep up with those standards. This section deals with the management of the municipality’s workforce.  It is first charged with attracting the right employees, then selects them through the recruitment process.  In practice HR is responsible for employee experience during the entire employment lifecycle.  In the event where employees want to hold a collective bargaining agreement, HR will serve as the municipality’s primary liaison with representatives of the employees.  Ultimately, this section oversees organizational leadership and culture and ensuring compliance with employment and labour laws.  The HR unit is also responsible for the employee wellness, which seeks to ensure that the work is operating within the conducive environment.

Human Resources has three subdivisions under its wing, namely:
- Skills Development
- Labour Relations
- Occupational Health and Safety


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