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 Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Local Municipality

About the Office of the Speaker

The Speaker’s Office is the custodian of Public Participation. Public participation should be approached and executed in a manner that is not cosmetic, but rather premised on the notion that the people themselves are best qualified to express their needs and subsequently oversee the addressing thereof, utilizing the rates and taxes they are obliged to pay. This really means that the Office of the Speaker is very important to all programmes of the municipality.  Stakeholder management is at the centre of the effective municipality and that is done through the Speaker’s Office. One of the Key stakeholders is the Ward Committees who a legislative structure. They are managed through the Speaker’s Office. Up to now the Ward Committees have been established in all wards although there are still challenges with Ward 6.

The Ward Committees have already receive some training on core municipal processes, which is an accredited course conducted through the LG Seta. The focus has been on the four members of each ward committee including the secretaries. The secretaries have also been works hoped on the key functions of secretaries.   There is still more training earmarked for ward committees and that will be given in collaboration with COGTA, LG Seta and Speaker’s Office.

Other functions of the Speaker’s Office is to ensure the functionality of all Council committees (sect 79) including the MPAC. The functionality of section 79 committees will help enhance the effectiveness of Council and improve its efficiency. This is done by ensuring that the section 79 committees have a schedule of meetings that they follow and they do sit and have terms of reference. This committees report to Council directly through the Office of the Speaker. The Office is also responsible for oversight in the completion of Council resolutions.

Capacity building programmes for Councillors is also the responsibility of the Speaker’s Office. Above the induction training given by SALGA the Speaker’s Office is also pioneering other training for Councillors to fill in the gaps that might exist in improving the capacity of all elected representatives.

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